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Welcome to the Arc Publications Translators' Forum


A safe place to discuss literary and poetic translation, and learn from your peers. We’re very happy to meet you.

Who is it for?

Budding translators of poetry and fiction, old hands, academics, students and interested parties.

What can I find here?

This forum is a space for discussion, argument, learning and collaboration on the subject of poetic and literary translation. Arc Publications has been publishing poetry in translation for over 40 years, and it has always been our mission to make translation a visible and respected part of the literary world. Now, we want to foster the next generation of translators, while at the same time creating a community of people who want to learn from and help each other no matter at what stage of their career they find themselves.

What should I do next?

Jump in! Read through some of the recent posts, see what you find, and if anything gets your goat, makes you feel passionate, or simply prompts you to want to know more, just reply. Of course, you’re more than welcome to be a silent witness and simply learn from the others.